What makes it attractive?

  • No need for server acquisition and administration
  • No need for software deployment /installation in office computers
  • You may work in any part of the world via the Internet
  • It is functional and easy to use
  • It is worthwhile

What opportunities does the software provide?

  • Constant information about tasks
  • Customer interaction tracking
  • Management of commercial offers, orders, invoices, contracts
  • Management of current and potential customers
  • Joint management of documents by the team
  • Linking relevant e-mail addresses with CRM software
  • Sending e-mails to unlimited number of customers with one click of the mouse
  • Developing and monitoring sales forecasts
  • Staff administration and differentiating the level of access to information

What does Condition CRM service contain?

  • Constant software upgrading and maintenance
  • support 5 days per week

What additional services are available?

  • new/supplementary modules according to individual needs
  • staff training
  • consultations on business processes optimization